The Best Animated Movies on Netflix

The Best Animated Movies on Netflix

What kind of films do you consider the best one? Do you like films, which rise mood and make you laugh or do you prefer deep philosophical movies? What about animated cartoons? How do you choose what to watch? Should it be a movie with many Oscar nominations? Does viewers??™ rating matter for you? Your answers to all these questions are important as they can help to choose a good film you have never watched. Enjoy your evening!

Best Animated Cartoons on Netflix

The Secret of Kells

This is a nominated with Oscar fairy story with the uncommon plot. The protagonist is a boy named Brendon, who serves in the monastery. His uncle works in this place too. He helps to build a protective wall around the sacred object to defend from Vikings. He chooses Brendon as his apprentice. The main idea of the cartoon is that sometimes it is impossible to avoid the evil.

It's Such a Beautiful Day

This comedy-drama film sometimes forces the viewers to laugh and sometimes incites them to serious philosophy. The cartoon is about loneliness, strangeness and melancholy of the people in the world. The main hero is called Bill. He is suddenly diagnosed with the unknown mental disorder. Treatment helps to cope with his hallucinations a little and he contemplates whether he has a chance for happy future.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This fantasy film is recognized as historically, esthetically and culturally significant by the USA National Registry. The rabbit is suspected in the crime, which is investigated by private detective Eddie Valiant. A detective tries to investigate who framed it and finds himself in the imaginary world.


Mulan is Oscar nominated Disney movie screened in 1998, which has its continuation Mulan II. The title of the movie is taken form Chinese legend of the warrior. The main heroine of the cartoon is inspired to protect her people and decides to become a warrior too. Her bosom friend and the first adviser is a dragon Mushu. On the whole, this creature is more like a dog than a mystery dragon, but its eagerness for adventures inspires Mulan very much.

The Prince of Egypt

This musical film is worth watching. If you still hesitate than listen to the soundtrack first. The story of Moses described in the book of Exodus lies in its plot. The mother puts her baby in a basket and lets it flow with a river. Her aim is to save her child??™s life. The Queen of Egypt founds a boy and adopts him. His name is Moses and as soon as he grows up, he finds out that he is a Hebrew and his destiny is to lead his people. These top 5 are the best of Netflix cartoons. Watch them to make your evenings interesting and exciting. Besides the plot, they all offer perfect animation, music and direction. All of them can be great for both individual and family watch.

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