7 Features of an Excellent Resume for Grads

Features of an Excellent Resume for Grads It is a great challenge for grads to write a resume that would make an indelible impression on employers. According to Amanda Augustine, a career expert at a job-marketing service for professionals called TheLadders, students are simply unaware of the basic rules of resume composing. They do not clearly realize what should and what should not be mentioned in their first CV. The bottom line is to set specific job goals and know your target audience. To explain what contributes to the eye-catching resume, Augustine agreed to share her vision of a resume for a person with minimum experience.

1. The layout is well-organized

• A student uses the same font type through the whole resume. • Dates and locations are consistently ordered. • The headings and main sections of information are centered.

2. It provides a link to a candidate’s professional profile

Amanda suggests creating a professional profile aimed at your future career with the tools of social media. If your occupation is creativity-oriented, think of starting an online portfolio that would include your contact information.

3. The candidate’s intentions are clear

The job seekers clearly indicate the career goals in the summary at the top of the resume. They also mention relevant major they are acquiring and important experience as well as the skills that can be applied while achieving those goals.

4. It emphasizes the candidate’s strong points

The job applicants do not have any connected experience to boast about. Therefore, they showcase their strong features, including information about relevant credentials, skills, and extracurricular activities that can be valuable while pursuing their career goals. Also, they move work experience section to the bottom of the resume to downplay its role.

5. It has some references to high school

If you are applying for your first internship, it is acceptable to refer to your high school experience as it helps present you in the best possible way. Any sport achievements, awards, or scholarships make a difference. If you were a valedictorian or a salutatorian of your class or led a socially active life, include it in your first resume.

6. It mentions the candidate’s social media skills

While it seems to be something everybody is good at, in reality, job market is in need of people who are savvy social media users. If your ambitions are related to marketing, public relations, advertising, or journalism, list these skills in your resume.

7. It does not have a list of references

Don’t waste precious space in your resume with a line that says: “References available upon request”. Amanda says that employers are not interested in such details until you are invited to a face-to-face interview, and they know you will provide all needed information upon request. Remember, that experience means a lot, but it is not all. According to Amanda, the cornerstone of a successful resume is your ability to showcase your relevant skills and demonstrate your true interest in the position you applied for.

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