Reasons of Christmas Depression

We used to perceive Christmas as the greatest American holiday ever. We enjoy and anticipate it, but not necessarily all of us. The matter is that the recent North American survey revealed that there is a tendency that 45% of Americans feel depressed at Christmas period. For this, there are a number of reasons.

Christmas Depression

Many people become depressed because of an active hype around the holiday: too much light, too many Santas, gifts, and smells of cookies make people want to isolate themselves from that shiny and crazy reality that streams from everywhere. The other incidence of depression that is widespread is a simple self-inducing: an individual thinks that he/she is not that successful and perfect as others, who seem to enjoy the holiday. However, a basic seasonal affective disorder is a popular thing. Winter makes our organisms sleep and spend energy very economically so that our mind isolates us from all external irritators, dark nights, frost, and problems.

However, there are some remedies:

  • If you feel depressed very much, you'd better consult your mental health specialist;
  • Choose what you would like to do on Christmas and how much you'll spend on it beforehand;
  • Don't follow all that crazy hype about Christmas: it is a great holiday, but you shouldn't lose your head;
  • Focus on your spiritual joy;
  • Thank yourself and other for everything you have;
  • Do not drone on and on your life achievements;
  • Devote some time to yourself and your hobbies;
  • You may participate in a church aspect of holiday if you are religious enough;
  • Think how to have a good rest and perfect time these days.

The Christmas is becoming a stressful time nowadays, so it is important to remember its roots: a holy time, when everything, that is calm, kind, and full of spirit, is approaching!

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