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Playing Sports as Earnest of Success in Business

At first, I also couldn’t believe that playing sports can help in the career growth. Not only amusement and pleasure are the benefits of playing sports. It can help you get to the top in your professional career! Can’t believe? Let me introduce some proving examples of this statement.

Greg Spillance, the Chief Operating Officer of the famous website, has the priority to hire the former athletes as he agrees that they do hard work, value competition, work in a team, etc. Maybe, he has such a strategy because he thinks playing football at university taught him some basics of leadership and business. He points out that there are always losers and winners in football, as well as in the business world where you have to combat against your competitors. Your team is your employees. And competitive people are of great value here. Your strong wish to win in the space of business is equal to the strong wish to win the game.

Another example is Brian Scanlon’s, who is a recruiting coach. He believes that the athletes’ drive to compete is also a very important feature. Moreover, the athletes are accustomed to both failure and success. That’s why he thinks the athletes are definitely enticing hires in business.

Not only athletes have more chances to succeed in this field. The Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies highlighted the results of the two recent surveys. It was stated that 43% of the students in the USA who were sportsmen at the university are more self-confident and successful. It is a sport that gives you lots of experience.

One more study highlighted that those people who played sports at high school even almost 50-55 years ago have high self-confidence and leadership. The teacher of Business of Sports Peter Land points towards different qualities inherent in solo games that are equally potent. Solo-sportsmen take responsibility for what they do and how do they act. They control the exact moment, especially when it is critical.

By the way, a background is helpful for men, as well as for women. Female leaders who have a strong confidence, goal-setting and discipline are also highly appreciated in business.

You can ask a question, such as “What about lousy athletes?”
Well, I agree with the psychologist Robert Troutwine who says that the struggling athletes learn a lot of the skills mentioned above even more than the highly gifted ones. The character plays here an important role. Continue striving and show your determination under conditions of failure, resiliency, and your ability to combat frustration. The athletes who have lesser abilities may better succeed in business. Life skills are more appreciated in this field.

The sport settings are designed to teach both life and sport skills. It’s never too late to start playing sports. Your strong desire, both exercise tolerance and fortitude, self-confidence, and goal-setting will definitely help you in your life. Good luck in climbing to the top!

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