Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States

Immigration is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the United States of America. It is a real problem that requires adequate solutions, because the yearly flow of immigrants to the United States is huge. Some of them come to the country legally, while others cross the border as illegals. What are they seeking in the US? Reasons can be very different, as people may seek:

  • shelter from the war in their country or city;
  • a safe place to escape from political or religious oppressions;
  • to touch the glow of the famous American dream;
  • new experiences.

No matter which reason is behind the immigration, it causes some serious problems within the country. Immigrants take jobs from American people, illegal ones use health care services funded directly by the citizens of the United States and very often contribute to the increase of the crime rates. They are sucking up the money of the hardworking taxpayers, who live in America, and gain benefits like education and healthcare for our expense. Illegal immigrants are not helping us to solve our problems and they don’t pay taxes. It’s not that we should follow Trump’s idea about building a wall on the border, because it would be highly unethical and heartless, but we still need to do something. This situation has to be approached intelligently and can be addressed by:

  • limiting the number of immigrants allowed to come to the US;
  • enforcing punishments and recurrent checks to make corporations abstain from hiring illegal immigrants;
  • giving the privilege to skilled immigrants with good knowledge of English;
  • strict patrols on the border.

The average number of immigrants who have access to the US is 600,000. In my opinion, this number should be cut at least in half. One of the major reasons, why there are so many immigrants in the US, is that companies in our country continue to hire them. The government should regulate this by making sure that companies aren’t putting illegal immigrants to work. Another problem is weak border control. You can get the idea of how weak it is by just watching the news, because news about situation there pop-up all the time. It’s not the problem of the border patrols, but once again it’s the problem of the government, which should build more barriers and hire more people to work on the border. Today, people can just walk through the border between the U.S. and Mexico without being caught or seen. In case they’re caught, they are just asked to return the next day.

We should give more opportunities to the educated immigrants, who will make our country flourish, rather than to those, who come to the US to take away easy jobs, like lettuce picker, from the US citizens.

If we had already settled our problems that, among others, include debt, unemployment, cancer, AIDS, and poverty, we could go to solving other people’s problems. However, we haven’t decided those problems yet; therefore, we can’t afford dealing with the issues of another 300,000 people.

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