How to Write a Narrative Essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Everyone enjoys interesting stories, be it a gripping book, a newspaper article, a movie, or friend’s memories. Students have myriad opportunities to practice their storytelling skills as they are required to write multiple narrative essays for different purposes. If you can choose the genre and the topic on your own, opt for a narrative and make it as captivating as you possibly can.

Definition of the Narrative

Most people believe that a narrative essay revolves around telling the plot of the story. And they are absolutely right. Writing such an essay literally makes an author “pour out his/her heart” on the paper. Thus, to grab the readers’ attention from the first lines, you may consider implementing the following topics in your writing:

  • The most intimidating event that you remember.
  • The best memory from the past.
  • The most enjoyable vacation you have had so far.
  • The strangest situation that you have ever witnessed.
  • A turning point in your life.

Interestingly, the narrative essay must not necessarily tell the truth. You can easily invent the funny story or add flavor to it by infusing some humor, feelings, or wisdom. For instance, you might dwell on such themes as:

  • Who are my favorite cartoon characters?
  • If I lived in the bygone era, what would it be like?
  • Which magic power I’d like to possess?

Answering such questions will give the readers an insight into your inner world, no matter real or imaginary one.

Writing the Essay for Various Purposes

Most importantly, not all the essays are written for grades. Some narrative essays are written for a scholarship contest or even college admissions. That is why a good piece of writing may present you in a more favorable light compared to other candidates. By writing an interesting essay you may save much money and earn a reputation of a diligent student.

The Cornerstones of a Good Narrative

Apart from perfect grammar, punctuation, rich vocabulary, and a proper structure that includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion, the winning essay must have an eye-catching title and a hook that captivates the reader from the outset. Moreover, choosing the right topic is a matter of the paramount importance. Write only on the topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about to avoid writing shallow essays.

Laughing at the Serious

Attempt to be as creative and resourceful as possible and it’ll never go unnoticed. If you’ve got a rather serious topic for the essay, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t allowed to add some humor to it. For example, your task is to discuss memory techniques and the way you apply them in your daily life. You must write it in such a manner that a reader finds it both an enjoyable and useful piece of writing. The so-called “climax” and “comic relief” may impress the reader with your unmatched writing style. Finally, strive for perfection (why not write an essay that will be published in the local newspaper?) and always enjoy the process!


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