How to Become a Successful Person after Graduation?

How to Become a Successful Person after Graduation?

If you are reading this article, you have probably faced the situation when you start a semester highly motivated to receive new knowledge and good grades, but then you stop caring. Sometimes, I ask my students why they struggle hard to become top-performers at college. Usually, I get different answers: “I want to excel in my major,” “I want to get a good job after college,” “I do not want to disappoint people who believe in me,” etc. So, why do they lose such a strong motivation only after several months of a new semester? The answer is really obvious. These students have indefinite aspirations for the future.

On the contrary, young people who set concrete goals are more likely to achieve them. You may easily check whether your goal is specific by simply articulating it. If you cannot do this, you have to make another important step in setting an actionable and motivational goal.

Ask Yourself:

  • How do you expect your life to change after college?
  • How do you see your future?
  • What do you expect from your major after graduation?
  • Why do you want a well-paid job? What does it mean to you? Owning a big mansion, a luxurious car and a vacation in Bali?

After you answer these questions, grab a pen and write down your replies with as many details as possible.

What next?

Now you clearly envision your “bid picture goal.” The next step is to break it into smaller and easily achievable goals. In reality, the more sub-goals of the goal you can provide, the better. Now, it is high time to start turning these small goals into reality. To start with, you may buy a goal setting workbook and write down the progress on each sub-goal. This will certainly keep you motivated to achieve better results.

Building Your Career Capital

Your career capital is something you should focus on right now. According to the definition, career capital is a set of rare and valuable skills that play the most important role in establishing your future career. The best way to gain these skills is to choose a major that develops skills you are interested in. In addition, it is important to realize connections among the classes you are enrolled in and understand how each of them may contribute to achieving your “bid picture goal.”

Once you set your life-long goal clear and make small steps to achieve it, your success after graduation is guaranteed. Keep yourself motivated to move towards reaching your “bid picture goal” and you will never experience a significant failure in your future career.

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