Healthy Food for People Who Do Not Like Cooking

Healthy Food for People Who Do Not Like Cooking

Usually, the thing that drifts apart a healthy diet and people maintaining a healthy lifestyle is cooking. Standing in front of the cooker for several hours and preparing a masterpiece so as to crush it down for 20 minutes is absolutely a daunting challenge. Still there are ways to avoid it and make a tasty, nutritional dish without making much effort.

Regarding my personal experience, cooking seemed to me like a total waste of time. Not only do you kill a few hours cooking something, but also watch its instant distraction. On the other hand, eating frozen ready meals is not an alternative at all as it includes health risks. Exactly this dilemma pushed me to look for cooking options, presented below.


Just throw the products in the reservoir and watch it cooked. Do not believe that such a cooking miracle exists? But it really does! The crock pot is the best alternative solution to all cooking hurdles.

Firstly, you don’t have to watch the dish every 30 minutes to be baked properly and not to be completely burnt. Since it has a timer, you just set an appropriate time and forget about it until the crock pot automatically turns off.

Secondly, using the crock pot certainly reduces the amount of ingredients. You no longer need to put a plenty of oil and spices to make your dish tasty.

Last but not least, with the help of the crock pot, you get a lot of “minute” recipes that are ridiculously simple and provide a healthy meal full of protein and vitamins in a glimpse of an eye. For example, the Adam Pash’s recipe of chili that includes nearly 3 steps: opening the can, tossing the products into a pot, and walking away. Quite convenient, isn’t it?


The simplest way to get a daily allowance of vitamins and proteins even if you can’t stand cooking is making a smoothie. You just have to take your favorite fruits or vegetables, toss them into a blender and add some water or ice. Follow this recipe, and in few minutes, you will get a refreshing drink full of necessary vitamins.

According to the recommended allowance, the average 18+ year old American needs 2 cups of fruits and leastwise 3 cups of vegetables a day. To reach the daily allowance, you can choose the below recipes:

  • The nutritious firework – a mix of frozen fruits, milk, walnuts, and cranberries. In addition, you can add some chocolate, if you like.
  • The kid-friendly smoothie – a simple recipe for children that the parenting blog Inhabitots offers.
  • The easy-smoothie – for this drink, you don’t even have to cut all the ingredients. Add some frozen fruit to an almond milk or toss some peanut butter, soymilk, and a frozen banana.
    • A healthy diet is as easy as a piece of cake if to add some ingenuity. Bon appetite!

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