Foods You Should Try on a World Trip

Foods You Should Try on a World Trip

Every person has his or her favorite dish, which is somehow connected to the country he/she lives in, his/her culture, or personal experience. Nevertheless, one’s tastes shouldn’t be limited by the country borders because there are so many things in the world that are worth trying. I am not saying that the international dishes must completely replace the national ones, but it would be nice to introduce something new to enliven our existence and become a bit more open-minded. Here is a list of the dishes that will make you want to go on a world trip after you try them.


Take pieces of Yellowfish Tuna; add some soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, and seaweed; season it with sea salt and chili pepper – and voilà! You get Hawaiian poke. The main ingredient is fish, which must be frozen under no occasion. If you follow the instructions, poke will be so tender that it will make you want to swallow your tongue.


This dish comes from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. To prepare this dish, you should marinate shrimps and vegetables in lemon juice. However, there is one secret ingredient – clamato. It is a tomato juice concentrate seasoned with spices and broth. It is hard to believe, but this lip-smacking dish only costs a couple of dollars.

Chicken Yassa

If you have doubts whether to go to Senegal or not, this dish will tip the scale in favor of going. While you can hardly surprise anyone with chicken meat, Yassa adds that special something that makes this dish outstanding. It is the mixture of lemon, chili, onion, ginger, and mustard that adds distinctive flavor to the chicken. It is also usually served with rice.

White Pizza

“Pizza just can’t taste wrong!” I bet that’s what most people think. However, when you try White Pizza, which comes from Pennsylvania, you won’t be able to eat ordinary pizza any longer. White Pizza is a double-crust pizza stuffed with cheese. Though it is just crust and cheese, it tastes so incredibly good that I am sure they have some secret ingredients no one knows about. How else can you explain that people from different walks of life come to Old Forge just to get a cherished pizza slice?

Kobe Beef

This beef belongs to the list of the top types of meat. No wonder it is so scarce and expensive. Kobe beef is used to make steaks. If to follow the instructions, beef must be cooked past medium rare so that fat will become liquid. People who have tried Kobe Beef say it tastes like no other, and they can easily distinguish real Kobe Beef from the fake one.

Unfortunately, many restaurants resort to all kinds of tricks in pursuit of money and serve ordinary beef instead of Kobe at the same price. If you want to try real Kobe Beef and not be deceived, you should go to Japan, which is its homeland.

Surely, you can prepare these dishes at home, but they taste better if you try them while traveling.

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