Fast Food Argumentative Essay

Fast Food Argumentative Essay

The field of fast food is the most widespread and popular system for satisfying the human need for nutrition in the world. Therefore, writing fast food essays is very important today. The presence of fast food is inevitable in the life of modern people. Is it true that there are many chemical additives in fast food that are harmful to our health? Is it possible to be healthy and beautiful while eating fast food? Consider these questions in your fast food nation essay.

Deleterious Effect of Fast Food

Indicate the fact that the fried potatoes contain dangerous compounds that can cause malignant tumors and irreparable damage to genes and nerve cells in your argumentative essay on fast food. This is due to the use of vegetable oil of a particular type. Food manufacturers are strongly advised to use other varieties of vegetable oil in the manufacture of chips. At the same time, strict control over the glycidamide content is required.

Chinese noodles are the second product ranking by the amount of harm done to the body. It is connected to seasoning monosodium glutamate, which is an extremely dangerous food additive. This type of seasoning improves the taste of food and prolongs its shelf life. Sodium glutamate accumulates in the body and causes severe attacks of asthma. It is proven that this supplement causes Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists also claim that hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and nuggets are very unhealthy for the human body. The fact is that when roasting products on one portion of oil more than seven times, very dangerous carcinogenic compounds appear in it which are harmful to the stomach and intestines. Manufacturers do not change the oil because of its high price.

The Advantages of Fast Food

You should not look only for the disadvantages of fast food. There is a reverse side of the coin. Moreover, there are a lot of advantages:

  • the speed of eating (on average 15-25 minutes);
  • good service, competent staff;
  • acceptable cost;
  • the use of high-quality products.

Although it is almost impossible to avoid the use of fast food at today's rapid pace of life, it is by no means worth turning it into a regular daily meal. By this, a person independently signs a sentence to his or her body for the acquisition of serious diseases.

How to Start Eating Properly

If your body is dependent on fast food, try to get rid of this addiction gradually. For starters, reduce the number of days you receive a harmful meal. If you previously could not do a day without an appetizing hamburger, now limit your body to fast food intake once in 2-3 days, gradually moving to one burger in 7 days. When ordering meals in a cafe, you should not abuse fatty and high-calorie foods. You can always find a salad of fresh vegetables and green tea instead of heavily carbonated Coca-Cola on the menu. When eating, do not rush. Food should be chewed thoroughly and not overload the gastrointestinal tract.

These facts will help you write a good essay on fast food theme.

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