Essay on My Favorite Sport, Writing Guide

Essay on My Favorite Sport, Writing Guide

When we are talking about sports, we mean a multitude of physical activities. People engage in a number of various kinds of sports. Sometimes, you get a task to write an essay on your favorite kind of sport. If you want to know how to do it perfectly, read this article. We will discuss the way you can develop this topic using the example of basketball.

How to Start

The first paragraph of your essay is, as usual, an introduction. It is an important part, because it presents the main information about your essay. It should be eye-catching, so that the reader wants to read the entire essay after reading the introduction. In this part of your work, you should give a general explanation of your topic and allow the reader to understand what you are going to talk about. It is also important to describe the significance of the topic and compile an outline of your principal arguments. Of course, you cannot forget about presenting a strong thesis statement. If you talk about basketball, you can tell what kind of sport it is and explain why it is your favorite one.

How to Write Body Paragraphs

In this part of your essay, you should demonstrate your principal arguments. It is necessary to provide solid evidence to support your point of view. All the body of your essay should have the aims to tell as much important information as possible about your topic and to develop your thesis. You can give examples, as well as other specific information, such as facts and statistics about your topic. To be more specific, we can divide your essay body into three parts. The first one needs to provide the explanation of your topic. The second one should provide evidence. The third one should analyze all the arguments to persuade your reader in your point of view. For example, if you write about basketball, you can tell about your favorite players and tell why their skills amaze you. You can also show the difference of basketball from other kinds of sports and tell why it is good for those who play and for those who watch the games.

How to Conclude

In the conclusion of your essay, you get the last chance to convince your reader in your point of view. Remember to leave a good impression on your reader by supporting your thesis statement with the strongest evidence possible. Of course, it is also important to restate your thesis in the conclusion and examine the implications of your argument. You can state it once again that basketball is a good sport and explain what qualities it promotes in players. Conclude with the statement about the significance of this kind of sport.

Are you ready to write your essay about your favorite kind of sport? Now you have everything you need for it. Do not hesitate to use our recommendations, and you will certainly succeed!

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