Environmental Problems

Environmental Problems

Although climate change, either naturally occurring or caused by human activities, develops relatively slowly, it covers vast regions and therefore can be a serious problem for humanity. With significant climate changes, climate zones will shift, as a result of which people will have to completely or partially rebuild their economic activities in these zones. Scientists note that global warming threatens to leave the Earth without glaciers. This threat first hung over the ice of the mountain systems in temperate latitudes of the planet.

It is also known that from Africa’s largest mountain glacier, which crowns the extinct volcano Kenya, only 8 percent of the past mass has remained compared with the beginning of the century. Most likely, that the National Glacial Park in Montana in the United States will be only in the memory of the older generation soon. The melting of mountain ice caps leads to a rise in the sea level, destruction of the coastline, floods, cruel storms, and other natural disasters.

Global Warming

Global warming may cause sea currents to go in other ways, leading to climate change in Europe, since the warm waters of the Gulf Stream will no longer go as far north as it is now. Then minor changes, for example, a possible increase in water from melting ice in the Arctic, can upset the balance. Among the indicators of climate change, which summarize the effect of many climatic factors, it is necessary to note the level of the World Ocean, as well as the level of a number of inland waters. According to the studies conducted over the past hundred years, the ocean level has risen by 10-15 cm, which is due, on the one hand, to melting of the continental ice, and on the other hand, to the expansion of seawater due to heating. It is now widely believed that the warming of the 20th century was caused by an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Greenhouse Effect and Its Consequences

Scientists say that the greenhouse effect, which causes an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere near the surface of the Earth, at the same time leads to a significant cooling of the stratosphere, where ozone is concentrated, which causes the thinning of its layer. The destruction of the ozone layer brings with it a mass of negative effects, among which there is a massive visual impairment in the population of areas with unfavorable environmental conditions. The most common illnesses that people receive due to their greater exposure to ultraviolet rays are cataracts, deterioration of the retina and fundus, various growths and neoplasms. Moreover, if in the case of cataracts and neoplasms permanently developing eye microsurgery can help, the process of deterioration of the retina and fundus is practically irreversible.

It can be concluded that all current environmental problems are directly related to human activities. Therefore, each of us needs to reflect on the consequences and begin to use energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly products today.

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