Dispelling a Perfect Job Myth

Some careers seem to have a profound appeal. Lack of professional satisfaction pushes people to become a career changer and find a path that would give them a sense of dignity, like teaching or charities. Others strive for power, high-status, or well-paid occupations. Some are making their first try in broadcasting or publishing in order to become a high-profile figure. The irony lies in the fact that there are as many people chasing career opportunities as escaping from them. Probably, there are people in different walks of life who can’t stand the work they are committed to.

Why Are People Being Delusional When It Comes to Occupation?

Following a career path, we are truly interested in, is something that promises solving our various problems like relations with boss, lack of finances, making choices in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it offers a deep meaning and entertainment. Talking about their ideal jobs, many people would like to have a considerate boss who takes care of them. Also, a perfect job is often associated with a greater reason like “I want to make a difference” or “I want to give something back”.

There is definitely nothing wrong with pursuing a career path that guarantees satisfaction and fills your life with meaning. However, it is very difficult to find such a job.

So why are we chasing career opportunities with illusory benefits? Actually, fancying about the perfect job enables you to toy with the idea of more promising future without actual efforts to change it. Although it reminds more of a dream world, we are in a deep need of an idea that work can be exciting and satisfying. We allegedly think that this excitement will drive us to work more effectively and to increase productivity. However, success at work is not about entertainment, it is about evaluation and wondering about “What’s the job like?”, “What will I be doing most of the time?”, and “What are the pitfalls of this job?”.

Finding an inspiring occupation means realizing job reality and knowing how to search for a better deal. Moreover, operating in any sphere is a bargain between what you expect from life and what a company or employer expects from you.

Don’t buy second-hand information. Find out from hands-on experience what the job looks like from inside. Don’t let employers or media images manipulate you and set unrealistic goals. Your task is to seek vigorously, grab opportunities, and always ask the right questions. If there is something that pushes you into risky ventures, showcase your dedication and diligence. Remember that a “perfect job” requires hoping and waiting as well as being ready to accept offers which can make a difference.

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