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Ways to Deal with Grief

Ways to Deal with Grief

Often grief is something that totally catches a person off guard. That is why dealing with distress can be the hardest thing ever. Usually, we are not prepared for some unexpected events in our life and may be completely confused and disoriented. Nevertheless, the process of suffering from sorrow for each individual differs, but in the majority of cases, people find alike solutions to their problems.

In 1999, distinguished scholars, Judith Larson and Holen-Hoeksema, undertake a study to determine the ways people act to cope with the loss. Apparently, society has firm views and prejudgment regarding such situations; however, when people themselves come into trouble, they wouldn’t use those ideas. This research proves that the prearranged strategies are not used practically as in an accidental condition, people are not able to instantly recall them. Emotions run high; therefore, our state is very vulnerable. Continue reading →

Things to Do in the Evening

Things Most Successful People Do Before Sleep

What do you usually do before going to bed? Watch TV or surf the web? Or, maybe, spend time with your beloved ones? If to talk about efficient people, here are main things most of them do before they go to bed.

End the Working Day

Decide that the day has already come to an end and you are going to another phase of it. If your working hours end at 5 p.m., ensure you get everything done by the deadline and you may concentrate on another, more pleasant part of your life. Therefore, if you have promised to have dinner with your parents or children, ensure you do it.
You should manage your time with maximum efficiency. You spend most of your time to work and sleep, so when it is 5 p.m., just stop and devote the rest of your day doing other important things.

Spend Time with Your Family

You need to spend time with your family so that you will stay connected. Also, do not forget about your friends. You may prefer spending Friday night with friends, and the other evenings of the week with your family. It depends on how you manage your time.

Plan the Following Day

It is one of the most useful things to do before going to bed. If you plan the next day and write down all the activities you have to do, you will not waste your time when you wake up. Planning the following day is the tip, which helps become more productive. Continue reading →