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Types and Role of a Government

Unified Government Definition Essay

What do you think about the role of a government in our society? The common opinion is that the role of a government is undisputed. We will get to this question in the end of the essay, and meanwhile, we can look at different forms of a government. It can be a divided or unified government. No matter the format, it makes a huge difference in the life of citizens. A government is called unified in case when a single party controls both the White House and the two houses of the Congress. It creates a ground for a simplified legislation because all members involved in the process share the same ideology. The concept of a divided government is slightly more difficult to understand. A government is called divided when one party controls the White House and the other party controls the Congress and other houses. Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages and greatly influence the life of each citizen.

The importance of informing the citizens about different types of a government is clear because with this knowledge, they have a better understanding of what’s going on in their country and who is in charge of the changes and political processes. For instance, during the past couple of years, the government in the United States was divided. The President, who was a democrat, was in charge of the White House, while the Republican Party was managing the Congress. Although it may look like this dividedness can have some dire consequences, in reality, there’s nothing to be afraid because both forms of a government have its pros and cons. For instance, if we speak about a divided government, a very logic question may arise – how can two parties, which have totally opposing views, work together to achieve peace, harmony and prosperity of the nation? On the other hand, having a unified government also has its perils. When everyone is looking in the same direction, what if that direction could be a wrong one? Who would take responsibility for choosing this direction? The fact is that the dynamics of power in the government in the United States shifts all the time, and we can’t clearly state which format works better for the country. Continue reading →

Top 10 Unbelievable Places of Our Planet

Top 10 Unbelievable Places of Our Planet

An interesting observation: wherever I travel, I’m always stunned by the beauty of nature. Which means that nature isn’t beautiful in a particular country – it is beautiful wherever you go! To live on this planet and witness all these wonderful ever-changing landscapes and horizons, to experience the sincere awe because of the beauty that is not only captured with the eye but also felt by our whole being, is a true wonder.

There’s no continent on the Earth where the beauty of nature isn’t manifested. But there are locations that seem to be a burst of nature’s creativity. Take a look at these incredible places and start planning your vacation right now!
1) USA, Wyoming. Grand Prismatic Spring. One of the wildest dreams of Nature came true in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the USA. Being the third biggest hot spring on our planet, the Grand Prismatic Spring features waters painted in rainbow colors. One-in-a-kind place.

2) Laos, Luang Prabang. Kung Si Waterfall. This waterfall has water so blue and clear that you will think that you’re in heaven. The Kung Si Waterfall is one of the greatest places to visit in Laos. It’s situated in the city of Luang Prabang. Continue reading →

Dispelling a Perfect Job Myth

Dispelling the Myth About the Perfect Job

Some careers seem to have a profound appeal. Lack of professional satisfaction pushes people to become a career changer and find a path that would give them a sense of dignity, like teaching or charities. Others strive for power, high-status, or well-paid occupations. Some are making their first try in broadcasting or publishing in order to become a high-profile figure. The irony lies in the fact that there are as many people chasing career opportunities as escaping from them. Probably, there are people in different walks of life who can’t stand the work they are committed to.

Why Are People Being Delusional When It Comes to Occupation?

Following a career path, we are truly interested in, is something that promises solving our various problems like relations with boss, lack of finances, making choices in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it offers a deep meaning and entertainment. Talking about their ideal jobs, many people would like to have a considerate boss who takes care of them. Also, a perfect job is often associated with a greater reason like “I want to make a difference” or “I want to give something back”.

There is definitely nothing wrong with pursuing a career path that guarantees satisfaction and fills your life with meaning. However, it is very difficult to find such a job.

So why are we chasing career opportunities with illusory benefits? Actually, fancying about the perfect job enables you to toy with the idea of more promising future without actual efforts to change it. Although it reminds more of a dream world, we are in a deep need of an idea that work can be exciting and satisfying. We allegedly think that this excitement will drive us to work more effectively and to increase productivity. However, success at work is not about entertainment, it is about evaluation and wondering about “What’s the job like?”, “What will I be doing most of the time?”, and “What are the pitfalls of this job?”. Continue reading →