A Definition Essay on Love

A Definition Essay on Love

Love is defined as an emotion felt and demonstrated by humans and animals. Love is a topic, which has been discussed for centuries and written about in many fiction and religious books. There are no bounds in love and language is never a barrier. People have always been and still are affected by this awesome feeling. Even wars have been fought because of love. The best literary works tell readers about love, and movies are shot about it.

The Expression of Love

There are numerous ways, in which love can be expressed. God has shown his love for humans by offering them the emotion to share with other people. In return, people love God for all those beautiful things that he has given to them. Human’s devotion towards God shows love in the form of veneration. We also have love based on the respect for our parents and family. In an essay about love, you can elaborate on love, connected with respect, religion or just pure love that does not base on any conditions.

For instance, Romeo and Juliet is considered to be a perfect love story between a woman and a man. For showing love and affection between the main characters, the word ‘romance’ is used in various ways. Modern people, who are romantically attracted, express their feelings to one another using gifts and words of love. You can notice that the way, in which love is expressed, may change materially, but the feeling always remains the same. Loving couples find this emotion in affection for each other, sex and by frequent communication with one another.

How to Write an Essay about Love

If you are assigned to write a definition essay about love, try writing a drama essay, which incorporates love as its theme. Such paper will be interesting to the readers and you will find numerous examples to select from. A good option is to look up dialogues from literary works of famous authors. They are real expressions of love, which is demonstrated through words. A great thing is that you can refer to literary works, which were written even hundreds of years ago and get inspiration from the one you like the most.

Topics for Essays about Love

You may also like to choose other topics for your essay. First of all, it will depend on the target audience you are going to write for. You can write about relationships in the family, about love between children and parents, or between brothers and sisters. You may also describe the difference between mother’s love for her children and father’s love for them. Actually, to understand a romantic love between a man and a woman, you have to be old enough, as this feeling is very intimate in its nature. This means, that an objective of your paper will also depend on your age. As you grow older, you will be able to select more complex topics. You will understand that the emotion of love is progressive, and you will describe it better when you have personally experienced it.

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