7 Hackneyed Clichés Which an Excellent Resume Shouldn’t Include

If you think that your resume is top-notch, try to consider it from a recruiter’s perspective. They are sick and tired of all those tedious resumes that are overfilled with the same worn phrases. Employers usually spend from six to ten seconds to look through a resume. It is likely to go down the drain if you waste their precious time with empty words that do not add to your credibility.
To look more original, avoid these seven clichés and your resume will definitely arouse recruiter’s interest.

1. Get rid of meaningless adjectives

Using such phrases as “savvy manager” or “influential leader” without solid explanation undermines your credibility. Instead of describing your qualities, you should:

  • mention your experience;
  • include relevant skills and achievements;
  • use visual aid to showcase your previous accomplishments and add more value.

2. Cut out the word “creative”

Thousands of candidates overuse the word “creative”. Unfortunately, recruiters have heard this word so many times that they put such resumes to the pile of turndowns straight away.

Instead of labeling yourself “creative”, try to prove your creativity:

  • write an arresting cover letter;
  • compose a video to display the milestones of your career;
  • add general yet interesting tidbits about yourself.

3. Avoid the word “results-oriented”

What is a recruiter supposed to get when you describe yourself as “results-oriented”? Are you determined to achieve the goals your employer sets for you? It goes without saying. Every employer seeks employees who provide results.

Persuade the recruiter that you are really worth his attention and remove the mundane “results-oriented”. Instead, emphasize on your relevant skills and credentials by mentioning the names of campaigns you were involved in and present the results of those projects.

4. Delete the word “passionate”

This empty word presupposes that you are desperately looking for a job. Replace it with the evidences of how zealous you are, include information about personal activities related to your work niche.

5. Remove the word “responsible for”

This phrase portrays you as a zombie doing only what he is paid for. Replace it with action verbs that perfectly reflect your leadership abilities and enthusiasm.

6. Don’t use the word “guru”

Describing yourself as a guru is the worst thing you can do. Even if somebody once called you a guru, it is not how you should describe yourself as it makes you look conceited.

Demonstrate your brilliance by mentioning published books, articles, interviews, and other important highlights that prove you may really contribute to your field.

7. Avoid the phrase “excellent oral and written communication skills”

Even though it is a must have skill, it is not advisable in your resume.

Interviewers can evaluate your communication skills at one stroke. If your resume fails to convey why you should get an interview, then it is pointless to put these meaningless words in it.

Impressive resume is a cornerstone of getting a job, so make it eye-catching. Also, don’t forget to proofread it for grammar mistakes and remove fillers as well as redundant phrases.

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