6 Pieces of Advice about Job Search after College

6 Pieces of Advice about Job Search after College

As college years are coming to an end, it’s time to start looking for a job. Many students find it intimidating and stressful due to a highly competitive market, high rates of unemployment and the need for working experience required on virtually every job. However, there are some tips that can simplify the process. Here are six of them.

Get Familiar with the Requirements

Depending on your sphere of interest, there is a list of things that will be expected from you while applying for a job. So, your first step should be based on determining those things. For example, some jobs require a portfolio while for others it’s necessary to have a cover letter. The same refers to the needed skills, so you should research this question in advance.

Polish Your Resume

When you’ve collected all needed documents and have written your resume, give it to someone to check it for you. Obviously, you should do it yourself first, but there might be things that will slip your attention or should be written in another way. To get an unbiased opinion, don’t ask your best friend or parents to read it through, opt for someone you find professional in your field.

Make People Awar?

To create a network, notify the people you know that you’re looking for a job. It doesn’t mean that you have to bring this topic in every single conversation, but a short mention will not do any harm. Obviously, your hairdresser is not hiring lawyers, but she might have a friend who does.

Go Steady

Sudden bursts of energy might have worked for you in college, but while looking for a job it’s better to take it slowly, but persistently. Instead of sending a ton of generic resumes in one day, approach each vacancy individually. You’ll achieve a better result by sending one resume per day instead of wasting a few hours trying to reach every company possible.


Before each job interview, think the things over. Practice answering the questions you’re likely to get and do it aloud because some ideas seem amazing until articulated. It might be a good idea to have a friend who’ll play the role of an interviewer, with whom you can practice your handshake and work on keeping the eye contact.

Create a Good Impression

Setting up a positive tone and carrying it through the interview will get you far. Remember that your interview starts from the moment you enter the territory of the company, so be polite to everyone around. During the interview, keep a smile on your face and don’t let the serious expression of the person in front of you put you off.

However the interview goes, keep in mind that there are no perfect candidates as well as the only right answer to each question. Just stay confident and true to yourself and you’ll get the best job you deserve.

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