Are Colleges Concerned About Community Service?

The majority of parents strongly believe that it is obligatory to complete 100 hours of community service so that their children could be considered for admission to the best colleges and universities in the US. So, should high school students be encouraged to engage in community service? What are the most effective ways of motivating teenagers to volunteer for the right reasons?
Believe it or not, doing community service is not defined by boring stuff that students have to perform, since it should reflect their personalities. Thus, I doubt that anyone would consider themselves uninteresting or dull, right?

While considering an extracurricular profile of a student, colleges and universities take into account an impact that students have made on their communities. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you run track, tutor elementary school kids, or help at the local soup kitchen in order to make a good impression. Instead, admission officers pay attention on how long you have been committed to an activity, what you have accomplished, what kind of recognition you have received for your work, etc. Continue reading →

4 Tips on how to Cope with Your Test

Cope with Your Test
Test preparation is one of the most complicated and tedious processes. Thus, we have selected the most efficient and useful tips, which you may use getting ready for exams and tests.

Study Tips for Students

Taking Notes

You should take hand-written notes or make them using your laptop if you want to make the process of test preparation easier. Usually, lectors point out the information, which is the most important and will be necessary for your tests. Thus, your own notes will help you to pay attention to the most significant facts and will allow you to remember the information better.


Make up a study guide of the most important and complicated terms, expressions, and concepts. It will help you to structure your knowledge and to orient yourself in study materials. In addition, you may make up a general list of conditions, types of tasks, and the time of test passing. Many people argue that such a list motivates them and allows planning properly their time for studying, resting, etc. Continue reading →

Why Has Capitalism Failed?

Capitalism vs Poverty
One of the most fundamental ideas of capitalism is that one can get wealthier by enriching or contributing to the society. However, the world is still fighting against poverty, and for some reason, it fails tremendously. According to official information provided by the World Bank, poverty is considered to be a fact of living on less than US $3.10 a day. Extreme poverty is referred to the state when a person lives below a point of $1.90 a day. So, why did the capitalistic approach called upon to fight poverty fail? Any economic system has a small chance of eradicating poverty, but in most cases, it is an endless loop that makes it impossible. Let us imagine a capitalistic society where everybody has enough amount of money. Prices will quickly go up, as capitalism relies on a free market pillar. People with least amount of money will become poor. No doubts that capitalism has been successfully fighting extreme poverty, but it doesn’t mean that it can completely eradicate it from its system. Continue reading →

3 Rules to Be Financially Successful

Financial Success

Many people are not familiar with the way money works and keep earning just for the sake of it. If you are one of them, read the following rules to ensure your financially successful future.

Have a Goal for the Money You Are Earning

Hackneyed as the following phrase might be, it is still true – money won’t make you happy. If you continue making money just to have them, you will soon start feeling frustrated. However, money does make your life more comfortable, so it’s a good idea to have a goal for the money you are earning. Rich and prominent people always have a grand vision and ambitious goals. They know that money is only an instrument to achieve these goals.

You won’t find a single millionaire who became rich because he/she simply wanted to have much money. For example, Elon Musk uses most of his resources to sponsor his own projects.
It might also happen that you have no idea what your big project is. Then you have to do your best to find it. A project which has to be funded will change your financial behavior and you’ll see that earning is no longer a challenge. Continue reading →

Why People Fail to Learn Foreign Languages

Why People Fail to Learn Foreign Languages

Nowadays, most of us realize how important it is to know foreign languages and what prospects it opens up for us. This is especially essential for students, since knowledge of languages is a huge bonus in both studying and job hunting. However, there are many students who find learning foreign languages too difficult to cope with. As a result, they get really stressed out, because getting bad grades in languages deteriorates their overall academic performance. Let alone the fact that their chances to get a well-paid job are much lower than those of their fellow students who are fluent in one or more foreign languages. So, why do so many young people fail to learn at least one foreign language? Let’s find out!

You’re not Motivated Enough

Being motivated is an indispensable condition of achieving success in acquiring good language skills. Many students can’t learn a foreign language simply because they don’t want to. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that knowing languages gives you a wide range of benefits. The first and foremost, it enhances your career prospects greatly. Also, it can give you a broader picture of the world we live in, since languages are the keys to understanding foreign cultures. In case you don’t bother yourself with such lofty matters, think about the advantages language skills give you in your everyday life. Isn’t it better to watch a movie in original than in translation which very often fails to communicate the true meaning? Or isn’t it great to be able to understand the lyrics of your favourite song? Continue reading →

Selecting an Online Degree Program

Selecting an Online Degree Program

Online education is a great opportunity that the modern educational system offers, because it provides a high level of flexibility while maintaining the high quality of the educational process.

Although online degree programs offer many benefits, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you make a choice – instructor’s qualifications, cost, tech support, a residency requirement and a class size are some of them. Let’s take a look at the most important things that you need to consider before choosing an online degree program.

Traditional vs. Online

Whether we like it or not, the degrees that we get from traditional universities still carry more weight than the ones that are handed to us by the online universities. Fortunately, traditional universities have been offering more and more online degree programs. So, if you decide to pursue an online degree from the prestige university, it will still look solid and convincing in the eyes of your potential employer. Continue reading →

Writing a Historiography

Writing a Historiography
A historiography is an examination of various ways in which historians have approached a certain topic. Such an essay is not a study of a historical issue, but an analysis of the ways the interpretation of historical events by various scientists changed with time. This paper is aimed at presenting a thorough overview of the major works on a particular topic and then making a summary and an evaluation of arguments of each of these works. To develop a clear and well-structured historiographical essay, it is necessary to keep to the following steps.

Select a Topic

There are a couple of useful strategies for choosing a topic. The most common and easiest one is to pick up one of your assigned readings. It is important to choose the topic that interests you. This way, you will make the writing process easier.

Another option is to brainstorm the topic so that you will be able to write your essay from scratch. If you go this way, make sure to limit the topic to a specific area and concentrate on a certain historical event or person. Continue reading →