How to Write Fantastic Essays on Fairy Tales?

Queens and kings, villains and heroes, spirits and fairies, charming princesses and brave princes, griffins, dragons, castles, mysterious woods…can you sense the presence of the fairytale? I bet you have already imagined something magical while reading these lines!

These magical stories are associated with childhood, although many of them have deep, timeless meanings. The best thing about fairytales is that they always remind us that Good will prevail and no matter how dark it can get, the moment will come when the bright light will shine upon us. This is such a valuable knowledge, yet so many people somehow manage to forget it when they grow up.

Because fairytales are so important, when getting an assignment to write an essay on fairytale it is crucial not to lose all the magic of the fairytale while working with it and putting your thoughts on the paper. If you haven’t written essays like this, then the first idea that can come to your mind is that you should simply describe it. Well, it’s not enough and even if writing essays on fairytales include some descriptions you should know how to do it in a correct way. Use some of our ideas to write a stellar essay on a fairytale. Continue reading →

How to Return to Study Mode after Vacation?

Study Mode after Vacation

Rowdy holidays are behind and the suitcases are unpacked. All you have from those days are your funny photos and gifts, and now, your duty is to study hard.


Your schedule is the first thing to start with after the holidays. Just rewrite it properly in a diary or a notebook. Make sure your notes have all needed notations, such as the professors’ surnames and the exact names of your subjects.


It’s much easier to learn when you have the motivation and good reasons for studying. You can do a kind of anti-auto training: just imagine what will await you if you fail your exam. Do it in order to have healthy excitement and confidence that you’ll realize your plans. Don’t dramatize too much, there is no need to make a big deal of it. If you are an impressionable person, you may fall into depression. Continue reading →

Travelling Tips for Students

Travelling Tips for Students
Finally, your strenuous academic year has not started yet. You have few days of a good rest before you will be studying hard to pass all of the exams. You can enjoy long and sweet sleep, leisurely mornings, and wandering around the house watching TV series. However, you may not like the idea of being a couch potato and prefer to spend your free time traveling and visiting new places. We want you to enjoy your free time following these simple travel tips.

Top 8 Tips Before You Hit The Road

  • Hostels. It is usually a cheaper type of accommodations. Hostel can be a great place to meet many interesting people of different nationalities. However, you had better take your own sheets there and stay with somebody else.
  • Enjoy the benefits of student discounts. You can save a significant sum of money if you look for various nice offers for students. Use your student ID wherever possible and always take it when you hit the road.
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How to Write a Theater Review

Theater Review

In a theater review, a writer provides a reflection of his/ her own thoughts, opinions, and overall impressions of the (recently attended) theater play. One of the most important paper sections that should go at the beginning of the review is the summary of the plot of the given performance. As a rule, the summary section is not long because the core of the paper should deal with the analysis. As a final stage of writing the review, a writer should move on to the overall evaluation of the play, where he/ she evaluates the work of the director(s), actor(s), and the correspondence of the decorations to the main storyline. When writing a theater review, a student may evaluate the performance in terms of the following:

  • Subjective commentaries;
  • Artistic commentaries;
  • Technical remarks.

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Learn How to Save Your Money!

Save Money

If you are an average student, probably, you have faced the problem of the lack of money. Undoubtedly, you have to pay for your living, nutrition, studying materials, hobbies, and for entertainment. Being able to avoid financial traps is a great technique and not all the students can master it. If you want to know how to economize your savings, be sure to follow some advice from our article.

Academic Tips

  • To avoid fines imposed by the library management, be sure to return all the books in time;
  • If the college offers you to buy an expensive lunch package, refuse from it. Spend a few minutes in the morning to prepare your lunch and save your money;
  • Many colleges offer a free gym for their students. Use this opportunity instead of finding an expensive gym in town;
  • If you prefer active way of life, learn what activities and events are offered by the college free of charge. We assure you that participating in these events you will be able not only to save your money but also meet new people.

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Are Colleges Concerned About Community Service?

College Community Service

The majority of parents strongly believe that it is obligatory to complete 100 hours of community service so that their children could be considered for admission to the best colleges and universities in the US. So, should high school students be encouraged to engage in community service? What are the most effective ways of motivating teenagers to volunteer for the right reasons?
Believe it or not, doing community service is not defined by boring stuff that students have to perform, since it should reflect their personalities. Thus, I doubt that anyone would consider themselves uninteresting or dull, right?

While considering an extracurricular profile of a student, colleges and universities take into account an impact that students have made on their communities. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you run track, tutor elementary school kids, or help at the local soup kitchen in order to make a good impression. Instead, admission officers pay attention on how long you have been committed to an activity, what you have accomplished, what kind of recognition you have received for your work, etc. Continue reading →

4 Tips on how to Cope with Your Test

Cope with Your Test
Test preparation is one of the most complicated and tedious processes. Thus, we have selected the most efficient and useful tips, which you may use getting ready for exams and tests.

Study Tips for Students

Taking Notes

You should take hand-written notes or make them using your laptop if you want to make the process of test preparation easier. Usually, lectors point out the information, which is the most important and will be necessary for your tests. Thus, your own notes will help you to pay attention to the most significant facts and will allow you to remember the information better.


Make up a study guide of the most important and complicated terms, expressions, and concepts. It will help you to structure your knowledge and to orient yourself in study materials. In addition, you may make up a general list of conditions, types of tasks, and the time of test passing. Many people argue that such a list motivates them and allows planning properly their time for studying, resting, etc. Continue reading →