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Our company offers its customers an effective affiliate program. By joining it, our clients will get an opportunity to gain superior bonuses by inviting their friends and acquaintances to use our online services. The customers participating in our referral scheme will receive 10% from each financial transaction conducted by their friends who used the shared referral link. Note that you can become a participant of our referral scheme via your account.

You can share information about our services by using any means convenient for you, i.e. social networks, email, etc. Once your friends use the discount code and click a special referral link, you will be rewarded with a 10% cash bonus from the price paid for the order. You should know that your code will be identified by our system automatically meaning you will not need to reach our support agents every time.

While our clients are granted 10% from each assignment ordered by the people they invite, those, in their turn, will also get a discount on their first order placed on our website.

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Affiliate Program

How to Generate Cash with

To join our affiliate program, you have to be our customer meaning you need to order papers from us. Once you purchase a paper from our agency, you will get your personal account. Then, you will be required to share either a discount code or a referral link with your friends. These items will be available in your personal account. You may use an email, social media or some messengers to share the referral link and a discount code with those whom you intend to invite to us. Our online system remembers each user applying the discount code or clicking the link you sent to them.

When people use the promotional code or click the referral link which you shared with them, they will be redirected to our order page. The promo code will be applied automatically. This is the algorithm by following which those whom you refer to us will get a discount on their first order.

Once those whom you have brought to us make an order and pay for it, you will get a cash bonus in the amount of 10% from the paid sum of money. The bonuses you gain can be used for buying papers from us. They can also be withdrawn by means of PayPal and Wire Transfer.

The only thing you need to do to earn money is share a referral link or a discount code with your friends. Once they use any of the said items to order a paper from, they will be provided with a generous discount and you will obtain 10% from each order they submit. This is a beneficial deal for everyone!

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How can your friends start participating in our referral scheme?


Social media

Place links to our site in your accounts created on social media platforms. Use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp as promotional channels.


Business cards

Print business cards and share them with your friends. By using your business card, they will become our affiliates.


Promo code

Share either a promo code or your referral link with your friends. Once they click the link, they will be able to join us.


Discount code

After joining our affiliate program, send your discount code via email to anyone. In this way you will be able to earn some cash.



Learn how to promote your discount code on YouTube. Create a special channel on YouTube to promote your code.



Everyone who desires to generate profits can do it by participating in our referral scheme.

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