Progressive Delivery

We offer a particularly useful service known as progressive delivery. This is perfect for customers with large and/or complex orders i.e. papers that are 20+ or 10+ pages long and typed in double or single spacing respectively.


  • Enables the customers to easily track and monitor their projects because completed papers are delivered for approval in parts (or draft form) before the final date by which the customer needs to submit their assignment(s).
  • Complimentary revisions available for 30 days (standard orders are allowed just 2 days in which a customer can request no-cost revisions).
  • Some of’s most competent writing and editing staff allocated to the customer’s assignment.
  • An experienced account manager appointed to monitor every order to ensure its successful and satisfactory completion and to facilitate efficient communication between members of our team and the customer.

The process for sending drafts*:

  • Orders needed in 4 days (or before this timeframe): Our team sends one draft equating to 25% of the total order size within 50% of the order deadline having elapsed. Therefore, for example, if you order an assignment of 20 pages and set a 2-day completion deadline, our team will send you a draft of 5 pages as soon as 1 day of your specified deadline has elapsed.
  • Orders needed in 5-11 days: Our team sends two drafts equating to 25% and 50% respectively of the total order size within 25% and 50% of the order deadline having elapsed.
  • Orders needed in 12 or over 12 days: Our team sends three drafts equating to (respectively) 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total order size when 25%, 50% and 75% of the order deadline has elapsed.

This service costs very little more than regular delivery – a very reasonable +15%. 

* Should you want your order delivered by another method, we can work out an appropriate plan based on your personal preferences and the specific requirements of your order. In such a case, the details can be discussed with the manager taking care of your order. 

Additional Services for Customers with Shorter Orders (Lass than 20 Pages) 


Summaries are an additional service that enables you to get a whole paper summed-up into a 1-page document (i.e. with all main ideas/points presented in a summary format). This is very suitable for customers who are required to report from time to time on their work. 


This convenient service enables customers to get a 1-page draft of an assignment when 50% of the agreed deadline has passed. These drafts are provided (in single spaced typing) as 600 word or (in double spaced typing) as 300 word documents. Example: you receive your draft paper in 2 days where you select a 4 days deadline).

Extended Revisions

Everyone who chooses our writing service is offered (even guaranteed) free revisions for a 48-hour period after receiving their order. Customers of can have this timeframe extended to 14 days when they choose our flexible “extended revisions” service!

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